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#2sour2ignore: The last survivors at Khan Younis Zoo need to be rescued NOW!

Attend our lemon challenge to raise awareness of the plight of these animals!

How does it feel for an animal to be locked up in a tiny cage? Like the bite into a sour lemon. On our first visit to Khan Younis Zoo we were exposed to a new level of animal suffering. A tiger little more than skin and bones, five monkeys listlessly and hopeless, a pelican barely able to spread his wings and many more animals are in urgent need of help. It became increasingly obvious, why this place had been referred to by some of the “worst zoo in the world”. We helped the animals as much as we could by providing them with food and medicine. We also started to negotiate with the owner to take over the animals. Now, we see a ray of hope and we want to take it. But we need your support!

Help us show solidarity with Laziz and his fellow animals by attending the lemon challenge! To rescue them all, we would need 40.000 Euros. Help us raise awareness for the animals at the worst zoo in the world by taking the lemon challenge and donating via #2sour2ignore. Because nothing could be as sour – not even sucking on a lemon – as the experience of starvation and uninhabitable conditions, which continue to degrade daily at Khan Younis Zoo. Help us save Laziz and his 15 fellow animals.

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